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We are proudly associated with Picture Moments photography. As accomplished photographers, they craft wonderful natural photos which will enhance the look of your Momentoes frames. You will receive a generous Gift Certificate from Picture Moments when you purchase castings from us.


Welcome to Momentoes Brisbane South

Hi, my name is Jackie. I am a very proud mother of four beautiful grown children and an even prouder grandmother to my four perfect little grandchildren.

I was first introduced to Momentoes with the birth of my first grandchild. I organized a hand and feet casting as a gift for my daughter. I remember watching ever so protectively over my new granddaughter as she had her little hands and feet cast. I remember even holding my breath and feeling the build up of tears in my own eyes when she cried during the process. Even though I knew that the whole process was perfectly safe and nothing was really hurting her, I can still remember feeling anxious that I may have put her through an ordeal that may not end up being worthwhile. That was me... being a totally over-protective Nana. LOL

But the whole process was over in minutes, and my darling little granddaughter lay peacefully in her Mummy’s arms again, as though nothing had ever happened. The entire process was handled ever so professionally and efficiently.

When the frame arrived and the finished product was there to see.... I was left in total awe.

Those tiny little hands and feet had grown so much in just those few weeks post the casting. I knew bubby had grown, but here before my own eyes, I could see the change ever so clearly. I am pretty sure I cried at the beauty of it all.

I remembered thinking... WOW, how special is this to have captured this moment in her life, a moment that surely we’d never see again? 

I was wrapped in Momentoes from that day forward. Consequently, all three of my other grandchildren have had their castings done.

With my 50th birthday looming, I decided to make a lifestyle change. I looked long and hard for a new career. I was seeking the impossible. I was seeking that PERFECT job. A job I would love, feel passionate about, but most importantly a job that would make me happy each and every day.

I found it!!!!! I bought Momentoes Brisbane South Hand and Feet Casting franchise.

Now, I can help you create a memory you can treasure for life. Not just a memory held within your heart and mind, but a memory you can get to see, share and smile about each and every day thereafter.

Just call me, I am here for you.