Welcome to Momentoes Wellington

Kia ora, Namaste,
Hello, my name is Deepa Patel . I am the proud owner of Momentoes Wellington. I live in Churton park, Wellington with my husband Tejas and my two gorgeous girls, Aira and Neysa.
Being a mother, I remember the time I wanted to create a momento for myself to remember my babies small hands and feet, as they don’t remain little for too long. My love for casting begun when I got Aira’s casting done in 2016 and then got Neysa casted in 2020. It always interested me on how it was done and the process behind it and it was a gorgeous feeling holding the final casting in my hand. Ever since I have wanted to be able to do it. I always thought if I had the opportunity to learn how to do It I surely would, and I finally found the opportunity to own momentoes Wellington and it was a dream come true. I will be working from my studio in Churton Park, however I am open to having appoints elsewhere if need be.
The castings I do are not just for babies, they can be customised for children, adults, grandparents and animals.
Sadly, not all of us get to take our gorgeous babies home, I can cast from 20 weeks gestation to create an extra special memory.
Our casting compound is 100% natural and hypoallergenic and captures every fine detail of the hands and feet.
Allow me to create a momento for you to cherish for life.
You can get in touch with me and book and appointment through email, Facebook, Instagram or mobile.
Look forward to meeting you and your family
Deepa x